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Review policy

I am currently OPEN to review requests. However, I have a pretty busy schedule between my day job and the blog, so it may take me some time to read the book then to write about said book.

I accept physical copies as well as e-book formats. I own a Kindle reader, so please make sure the digital copy is readable that way. I don’t accept audiobooks. I only accept sequels if I already have read the books coming before (please, do check beforehand in my review list) or if you are willing to provide all the books in the series.

Genres I read/don’t read

Please, take a look at my reviews archives to get a feeling of the books I read and the ones I enjoy. It will make it easier for you to see if I am part of your target audience, and will save us all some time. I can read a variety of genres, but there are a few ones I am more fond of and will enjoy way more.

I particularly enjoy

  • Science-fiction
  • Fantasy and high fantasy
  • Urban fantasy
  • LGBT+ themes

I won’t read

  • Self-published books
  • Anything with mental, physical and sexual abuse (especially, but not only, directed at female characters)
  • Historical fiction
  • Non-fiction

How do I review books?

First of all, I must state that I am always honest in my reviews. I will not pretend I liked a book if I didn’t, and I always provide explanations as to why I didn’t like something I read. By asking me to review a book, you accept the fact that my review might not be a positive one. I am also fair in my reviews: I will not bash a book for the sake of it. But honesty to my readers is vital to me and the last thing I want to do is lie to them about my opinion.

I do not guarantee that I will immediately read and review the book once I have received it. It may take me some time to read it, then again because I have a day job and limited reading time. I will try my best to prioritize the books I receive for reviewing, and to do so in a timely manner, but that might not always be the case. Especially before school holidays, as it is a very busy time for us teachers.

I post my reviews on the blog, as well as on goodreads, and promote them on twitter, instagram, and facebook. If you wish for me not to post on one of those platforms, please let me know beforehand.

What else am I open to?

  • Author interviews: only if I am familiar with that author’s work
  • Giveaway: if it is a book I have read/am anticipating, or bookish accessories I enjoy
  • Non-book reviews: if it fits the blog’s editorial line
  • Guest blogging: I am interested both in guest bloggers on tea & time turner, and in guest blogging, as long as it fits the blog’s editorial line

How to contact me?

Please, contact me only if everything written above falls under what you are requesting. I answer to all propositions, even if my answer is negative, but I will ignore requests that make it obvious you didn’t read my review policy. I try my best to answer to all emails in a timely manner, especially if you deem me worthy of reading your book!

When contacting me, please include the following: author and title, release date, any relevant information (why working together would be a good fit, for example) and if you have a time frame for the publishing of the review. It will help me make a decision at to whether or not I accept to review the book.

Feel free to use my contact form to be in touch with me, or to send me an e-mail at teatimeturner at gmail dot com