About me

There was once a girl who vowed to wander the world and so she did just that.

When I was a child, I decided two things: I would set foot on every continent of the world, and I would read all the books. Twenty-five years later, that child has set foot on five continents, visited nine different countries, and is hoarding books like a tiny literary dragon. I am most at peace with a backpack on my back and a book in my hands, and I get restless when I am in one place for too long.

During the day, I so happen to be teaching teenagers to speak French and Spanish. I moved from France to London in September 2016 and have been living there ever since. It doesn’t stop me from traveling as much as I can, and it allows me even more opportunities as an avid bookworm. My weekends are spent grading copies, drinking tea, getting lost in museums, and buying more books than I’ll ever have time to read.

tea & time turner allows me to share all of those things that make me, me. Here I talk about books, travels, life as a teacher, and everything else that I want to share with the world. Enjoy the ride.