5 reasons why Kindle ebooks are better than hardcover books

5 reasons why Kindles are the best

Raise your hand if you’ve ever taken part in the ‘ebooks or printed books’ debate? Come on, don’t lie, we’ve all done it at some point! And while I love hard copies of books, I also very much favour my Kindle. And here are 5 reasons why my Kindle is the best thing that happened to my reading habits.

1. It’s perfect for reading in bed

I love to read in bed, mostly because my current house doesn’t have a living room and because my reading time usually is before going to sleep. So reading in bed is something I do really often, and I usually struggle to find a good reading position where I am comfy enough with a book in my hands. Which is why having a Kindle is so useful! I only need one hand to hold it, so I can lie on my side and prop it on a pillow (maximum laziness level unlocked) and just raise my hand every once in a while to turn the page.

It’s effective, it’s perfect for me, and it doesn’t leave my hand all crooked trying to hold a paperback open with one finger in the middle while I struggle to snuggle under the covers. Heaven, I tell you. It’s heaven!

2. It’s perfect for traveling and commuting

5 reasons why Kindle ebooks are better than hardcover books

I live in London, so commuting is part of my daily life. I spend more time than I would like on the tube, and I make a point of not having any games on my phone so I don’t drain the battery even faster than I already do. Which means I have plenty of time to read on the tube, like a lot of other Londoners around me. And let me tell you, it’s so freaking nice not to have to carry around a huge book when I already have a messenger bag full of textbooks and half-graded tests and school paperwork, or when I’m only carrying my tiny handbag on my way to wandering the city.

Same thing with traveling, which I do a lot. I never have to stress over which books to take with me, only to complain about how heavy my suitcase is when I have to drag it around. I can just slip my Kindle in my bag, it’s super weightless, and I always have it with me for a reading emergency. The best of all worlds.

3. It’s an entire library in my pocket

Why carry one book when you can have a hundred of them? Especially if, like me, you’re a mood reader and you constantly juggle between three different stories. Not in the mood to keep on reading what you started the previous night? No problem, just go back to that novel you still haven’t finished, because it’s in your pocket too! Which, okay, sometimes means one book will just be there for six months waiting for me to finish it, but the same thing happens to the books on my shelf all the time so…

4. It allows me to save quotes

I’m really not fond of writing in the margins of my books, or sticking a hundred bookmarks to it, or any kind of process that leaves the book less pristine than the way I found it. (Not pictured: me eating cookies in bed and leaving chocolate smears on the pages.) (Oops.) But I also love to save quotes to come back to later, which is why an ebook is so great for that. I just need to highlight the sentence, save it, and tada! I can check it again any time I want later if I want! Magic!

5. I can read in the dark

My eyes are really sensitive to light, especially when I’m tired or I’ve spent too much time on my computer. So sometimes it’s nice to just switch off all the lights in my room and chill in the dark. But it doesn’t mean I have to just stare at the ceiling, because technology is a wonderful thing and I can read my Kindle in the dark! I just lower the screen’s luminosity until it’s just bright enough to read without straining my eyes, and I’m up for at least one hour of reading time while my eyes are resting peacefully. What was I saying about the best of all worlds again?

What about you? Ebook, love it or leave it?

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